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We have received a lot of questions on how to style short natural hair so here goes the post on it. Once you have done the big chop there is no going back, you can go back if you want to but what was the point?  A lot of people tend to find it difficult to style their natural locks.

Here we have a few hair style photos to inspire you on how to style your crown of glory.


dyed hair fro
















Pattern hair



















































short hair


dreadlock hair

When I had my big chop twist out was my trade mark, I still do twist out but not as much as I used to do it when my hair was short. Nowadays, I tend to single plait my hair and undo it and style it the following day since my hair has grown long. Another option is to do corn rows the night before and undo them the following morning and style it. I also tend to use a lot of hair accessories like an Alice band and flowers on my hair.

I rocked these bantu knots for a whole week


big and loose twist out

medium tight twist out

tight twist out


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