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What you'll need: Toilet paper rolls (the number you need depends on what design you decide on for your project, mine I used 2 rolls), glue, paint (I didn’t have paint so I used marker pens to colour my rolls lol), bobby pins.

  • Crush your toilet paper rolls in half and cut it crossway, you can measure the distance between each petal cut if you want; I did an estimation for mine.

  • I coloured the petal pieces using a black, green and red marker pen before gluing them together (If you have paint you can skip this step and spray paint after gluing the petals together.

  • Begin gluing the petals together depending on what kind of pattern you’re after; I used three petals for my design.

  • Use the bobby pins to hold the petal pieces together; this gives the glue between each petal a chance to dry

  • Since 3 petal flower shapes were the base for my design, this is how it looked like after I glued them.
  • I joined the petals together and ended up with this design

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