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The unveiling of spring styles is always exciting for fashionistas, but what if you work in a traditional office environment? There's no need to fret. Here are several ways to marry your keen eye for trends with your professional outlook.

Boyfriend cut trousers. Now you can be feminine and chic without wearing fitted trousers. The boyfriend cut became popular several years ago with the introduction of the jeans of the same name. But this androgynous fashion principle is being applied to everything from casual wear to office attire for women now, as well. To create a balance silhouette, pair your looser fitting trousers with high heels and a silk button up blouse. A sleek low ponytail will add to your gender- neutral style

Tailored separates. Many of the most well-known designers played with the idea of separates made to look tailored for spring. This doesn't just include the standard trousers and jacket combination but also more fun looks such as tailored shorts and dresses with blazers. The best part about getting a few separates is being able to mix and match them to create totally new looks every day. For example, this jacket by BLK DNM is a wardrobe staple for any working woman who values versatility in her office attire.



Pencil or skater skirts. Don't shy away from skirts, even if you've never really been able to find the shape that works best with your frame. Luckily, this spring will usher in a more pronounced A-line skirt, the skater, that helps create balance and proportion for top-heavy women, which also happens to look elegant with kitten heels. Or, it you enjoy a slender frame, you can delight in the ever-sleek pencil skirt paired with high heels.

Statement jewelry. Many women find it essential to wear one of two simple pieces of jewelry so as not to clash with their business attire. But with solid blouses and versatile separates, you have a little room to experiment with statement pieces that contain large jewels and bright colours. Try a bib necklace with a simple sheer blouse, for example, or an eye-catching bracelet with your pencil skirt.

Shoes that won't tire you out. There has long been a struggle between the fierce height and improved posture that high heels can give you and the comfort and ease offered by flats. This spring, you don't have to choose. There are shoe shapes, such as the platform heel and the kitten heel, that feature a milder arch, allowing you to both look chic and stay on your feet all day. For example, try a strappy espadrille with your skater skirt to keep your look fun and fresh.

Author Bios by Amara Ukaigwe

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