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 Here is a list of what to wear this Spring/summer 2013.

Neon trend: neon trend has been around since last year and it will still be around this spring summer 2013. If you are afraid of wearing neon start by wearing neon accessories (shoes, belt, necklace) to kick off this trend until you get used to it. Once you get used to neon incorporate neon clothing item to your outfit and for the bold fashion forward individuals why not pair neon on neon for a statement look






Crop Top trend:  A few celebs have been spotted displaying their midriff, this trend goes well with high waisted trousers, or skirts for a retro 90s style. The high streets have a wide range of midriff exposing tops from bra lets to peek-a-boo, from boxy to body hugging crop tops.

Stripes trend- stripes are versatile and timeless and can be paired with a solid colour piece of item. For those with small chase wear striped blouse/top to give an illusion of big bust and if you have small hips wear horizontal stripes to make you look like you have hips. Stripe blazers can be paired with dresses, pants and skirts. Stripes can also be worn with other prints or patterns.

Floral trend: Floral prints are must have items in your wardrobe this SS13. One can wear one piece of floral and pair it with an item that has a colour that is already in the floral outfit. For a fashion statement pair why not pair floral on floral for a classic sleek look. Floral pieces can also be worn with other prints/patterns.

Pastels trend- pastel trends are god way to transition from winter to spring/summer.  Pastel consists of sugary shades of pinks, mint, blue and lilac and they come in form of dresses, skirts, tops, pants and accessories. If you're wearing one piece of pastel item balance the rest of your look with a solid colour pieces or neutrals colours. For a bold statement look pair pastels on pastel.

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