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Blue jeans with a red tote bag, blazer & sunglasses

Sorry I have been gone for a while now, the weather has been so amazing I really don’t want it to end. For the last few days I have been receiving my fair share of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ (Vitamin D) which will last me a few months to come.

On Saturday I went to town for window shopping but ended up going home with bags of shopping thanks to Next who were doing sale.

What I wore
Blazer, sunglasses & Blue Jeans
: New look
Top & Chain: Primark
Shopper bag: Thrifted
slipper style shoes: Tk Maxx

I thrifted this shopper bag a few weeks and I am loving it, you can’t believe it how much I got it for £3, that’s a proper bargain and it’s in perfect shape.

I also bought this slipper style shoes a while ago and I decided to wear them with my blue jeans. The slippers are really cute with the gold studs on them give them a chic look

In the evening we went to watch Hunger Games which was good. I would give Hunger games 7/10 which is about teenagers from poor districts who kill each other in the name of entertaining the rich.

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