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Tips on How to Start a Business: Part 1:5 Must have entrepreneurial skills

Part 1:5 must have entrepreneurial skills 


You are probably reading this because you have been considering starting up your own business. As a budding entrepreneur, we have outlined the 5 essential business skills to become successful.

Think differently: The ability to think out of the box otherwise known as creativity is one of the most important skills. In thinking creatively and critically, you must learn to ask questions, view situations from a different perspective and find solutions to problem since an entrepreneur's role is to solve problems.

Being creative does not necessarily require you to be a genius. For most people their AHA moment comes when they are calm so it's best to think calmly without strain on the brain. Learn to solve puzzles as they can help trigger your creative ability too.

Risk taking skill: Being an entrepreneur means embracing ambiguity and uncertainties. In the business world you need to be comfortable with leaving your comfort zone to actualize your vision. You can awake this skill by

1. Thinking positively: See yourself accomplishing what you have set out to accomplish.

2. Not being afraid to start your new venture: Don't overthink

3. Planning ahead for contingencies and being very proactive.

Networking skills: The importance of possessing this skill as a potential entrepreneur cannot be overemphasized. Networking is more than just going for events and handing out business cards or handbills, great people and interactive skills are required to make connections with people (prospective customers, potential investors and other entrepreneurs). You can learn a whole lot from such associations while also promoting your business. A good book to read is the classic "How to Win Friends and influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Finance management: While it may be true that some people are good with coming up with innovative business concepts, they may not necessarily know how to manage funds well. Basic financial education is necessary when starting a business and is even more important if you want to run a profitable business. You can read books on managing money, basic bookkeeping, learn how to save and learn how to do a proper budget to ensure the business is fluid and profitable.

Reflective skills: Now more than ever a lot of entrepreneurs are emphasizing the need to be reflective. What better time to acquire this skill than before you start up your business. You have to learn to schedule time for a honest reflection to help identify your strengths and weaknesses. This skill will also serve you when you set business your business rolling. As you constantly reflect, you identify areas for improvement, learn from your failures and successes and find a way forward.

Author: Chinwe Azikiwe

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